Shadow Dancing in a Global Crisis

The Hidden Reason for Panic

Over the course of our lives we experience things we cannot handle. Situations which are too much for us to fully experience. When this happens the infinite part of us may fracture. In its place we will create concepts, belief systems, and thought forms to protect ourselves in the future. Our bodies will create a physical reflection of this as a pattern of tension creating chaos in our unique expression. These can also be held in our DNA; epigenetic research is revealing what happens in one generation can affect the next two after that. If the idea of our soul incarnating for multiple lifetimes is true, we can have these disassociated aspects of self and cellular memory from other times too.

Part of our healing journey is to bring all of these “shadow” components of ourselves to light; to make them conscious again. This can either be done through conscious endeavor by ourselves, with the guidance of practitioners, or in community. However this process can also happen spontaneously when life circumstances are similar enough to invite these disassociated pieces to “come home”, to allow the opportunity to rewrite our belief systems, and the cellular memory to process and integrate. As psychologist Carl Jung wrote, “A man who is unconscious of himself acts in a blind, instinctive way and is in addition fooled by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside as projections upon his neighbor.” 

When a cellular memory that is disassociated “comes home”, or rather “floods back” into the present lifetime reality it can often feel like it is being experienced in the present moment.If the person does not process and integrate the cellular memory it will manifest in present reality causing disturbances, suffering, pain, harm and even unexplained physical conditions. If the cellular memory is taken personally, “throws” the person out of present time, or if the person judges it as right or wrong…the cellular memory is manifested in the physical body as an imagined physical present reality. And as Candice Pert Ph.D. explored in her book Molecules of Emotion, cellular chemistry will have a direct impact on our emotions, our mood, and how we think.

The beautiful advantage of this dance with our own shadow is that as we integrate these cellular memories we let go of the trauma that created them. And we get to change our previously held belief systems, and make a different choice. “I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science-based path that would take me from my job as a perennial “victim” to my new position as “co-creator” of my destiny,” said Bruce Lipton Ph.D. in his book on epigenetics The Biology of Belief

Where We Find Ourselves

There is a disease spreading across the world. People have died and others continue to become ill.  And now US citizens are being asked to stay at home. Thousands of people have had their hours and incomes reduced. And thousands more have been put on furlough or fired. Combined with the feelings of fear many have lived with for the past 18 years, this has created the perfect storm to bring up an abundance of shadow to be processed. It is entirely possible that much of the panic our society is experiencing has nothing to do with the current situation. We may be processing the cellular memory and disassociated aspects from 9/11, the Great Recession, the Great Depression, the Spanish Flu, and other pandemics humanity has experienced in the past. We have all co-created the possibility to heal centuries worth of trauma humanity has endured. And it is entirely possible that we come out stronger, more loving, and more connected on the other side of this storm. 

Processing and Integrating Shadow 

The word enlightenment is used commonly but rarely defined. A definition is when all of the disassociated pieces of self have “come home”. When we have made all of the shadow aspects of ourselves conscious and they no longer control us. This journey can be done with trauma, drama, and struggle. Or it can be done safely, gently, and easily. According to Dennis Adams there are three key things to do to attain enlightenment. Three things to do when we are processing shadow. They are:

  1. Don’t judge it.
  2. Don’t take it personally.
  3. Stay in Present Time.

Don’t Judge It

This step is possibly the most challenging when we first begin being aware of our healing. We live in a culture that promotes self-judgement. Therefore developing the ability to not judge your shadow as right or wrong is critical. Simply allow it to be. It’s not good nor bad. The mantra I use is “That’s interesting.” This allows me to stay aware of it without having to determine whether it falls on the good or bad side of duality. 

Don’t Take It Personally

Imagine you have been doing laundry and putting clothes away in your closet. Then you come across that itchy sweater. The one a great aunt gave you that is so uncomfortable. And then you decide to put it on. And you get to feel how itchy it is. That is what taking it personally is like. When you consciously stay detached, you simply hang the sweater up and put it away. As best as possible when you are processing shadow and cellular memory stay unattached to it and to the process. Simply allow it to flow.

Stay in Present Time

When shadow comes up for processing an integration it can pull us out of present time. This will often present with feelings of cold hands, sweating, heavy breathing, and a fast heart rate. And thoughts will either become lodged in the past or rapidly thinking about the future. There are two simple strategies to employ when this happens. One is to gently squeeze your glute muscles. This will help “pull” you more fully into your body. 

Whilst doing this, the other strategy is to look around the environment you’re in and name things. Begin naming things out loud to yourself.

“That blue lamp.”

“The door knob.”

Do this over and over again. You will likely feel yourself calm down.

Clear the Nervous System

For centuries different cultures around the world have acknowledged that the nervous system was key to enhancing human consciousness. “Enlightenment is the normal, natural state of health for the body and mind. It results from the full development of consciousness and depends upon the perfect and harmonious functioning of every part of the body and nervous system. When one is using the full potential of the mind and body in this way, every thought and action is spontaneously correct and life-supporting. This is life free from suffering, life lived in its full stature and significance,” according to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  

By changing the function of the nervous system, the body is allowed to process the shadow, stress, and trauma it has held onto. The chemistry of the body may shift to one of love, rather than being locked in fear. We are better able to move. Our children can grow and thrive as they were meant to. And, as Sue Brown often stated, we can all take a small step on our path of evolution. 

Moving Through This Time of Uncertainty

None of us know how this situation is going to change tomorrow. We don’t know what’s coming next. And it feels like we are all making this up as we go. However, this is how all of life is. We are all given an opportunity to remember that one of the only constants is change. Certainty comes from the finite perspective of our personality. Clarity is a value which all of us can embrace as we process, integrate, heal, and evolve. This situation can be an opportunity to remember what is truly important to each of us. To find clarity on who we are and where we choose to go after this storm passes. Because if you are reading this then you have a perfect record of making it through storms. 

May you gracefully, easily, safely, and gently process and integrate the shadow that is coming up for you right now. May you stay in present time, stay consciously detached, and allow it to flow. May you remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH

-Dr. Nathan Gerowitz


**Disclaimer: This article is not intended to, nor does it diminish the seriousness of the situation. It is recommended to follow all local, state, and federal directives. The intention of this article is to provide clarity and support to those who are experiencing internal struggle during this crisis. 

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