Innate Life Chiropractic is fully dedicated to your well-being. We provide the tools you need to make important decisions about your body, mind, and spirit. The answers to our Frequently Asked Questions may help you determine if chiropractic care is right for you and your family.

Your First Visit

How do I know if chiropractic is right for me?

We understand that trying to find solutions to our health challenges can be overwhelming at times. Innate Life Chiropractic offers a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discover how we can best help you. Contact us to schedule your consult.

How much does the initial visit cost?

The complimentary consultation is the first step. If our chiropractic care is a good fit, you will receive digital nervous system screening, functional neurology exam, chiropractic exam, and your first adjustment, if necessary. The most anyone invests in this first visit is $175, depending on what assessments are clinically necessary. Upon completion, Dr. Nathan will use his clinical judgment to determine the most appropriate course of action for you.


What is Dr. Nathan looking for during the initial assessment?

Dr. Nathan will check your spine and nervous system for any blockage or interference. Any interference in your brain-body communication will alter how your body adapts, functions, and feels.

Can I use my insurance?

Absolutely! Innate Life Chiropractic is an Out-of-Network Provider with most insurance companies. This allows us to pass savings onto you and base our recommendations on your needs, not your insurance company’s algorithm.

If you have an insurance plan that covers chiropractic care, we provide a “superbill” that has all the diagnostic codes that your insurance needs to see to reimburse you for the services we provide. This way, the insurance company will send the reimbursement check directly to you.

Should I reschedule my appointment if I’m sick?

Your safety and well-being are our highest priority. If you can safely get yourself to our office, then please come in. This is a crucial time to get adjusted. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to boost your immune system and help you get well sooner.

We ask you to be mindful of your health and the needs of our team and others in the office. If you have questions, please feel free to call us before your appointment.

Chiropractic Care

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

The chiropractic adjustment is the process by which Dr. Nathan will facilitate your nervous system to become more apparent, open, and adaptable. Your body uses your spine like the fuse box in your house. When the fuses are “blown,” our brain cannot correctly coordinate how the body functions.

Dr. Nathan will determine where the fuses are blown and the most appropriate technique to restore communication and ease. Often this is done with a light touch, a similar pressure that you might use to check how ripe an avocado is at the grocery store. Other times it will be done with a dynamic movement, sliding vertebrae into a more optimal alignment, and providing positive input to the brain.

How does Innate Life approach chiropractic adjustment differently?

We intend to help your body identify and connect to areas of stored energy. Bodies store energy in three different areas—the muscles, soft connective tissue like ligaments and tendons, and bones. You will be given specific adjustments tailored to your body depending on how and where you store potential energy.

Dr. Nathan’s chiropractic adjustments gently release these subluxations by simply shifting the stored energy into kinetic energy. This process empowers your body to fully integrate and learn from the original experience without reliving it. The adjustments are also designed to provide positive input to the brain, allowing it to access more of its neuroplastic potential.

When the information from your life experiences begins to integrate, you may experience changes in all areas of your life. You may notice increased energy levels, symptomatic relief, better sleep, greater clarity and meaning in your life, greater personal expression, better relations with others, and overall improved quality of life.

Do I need to come forever?

Our care should only be utilized for as long as it serves you to become a better, healthier, and more vibrant you. Typically, people choose to stay with us because they like how they feel and function with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic for Every Age

Can my child receive chiropractic care?

Yes! It is never too soon to introduce your children to chiropractic wellness, and we would be honored to care for them. The opportunity to care for a child is such a special gift and one we don’t take lightly. This is one of Dr. Nathan’s specialties.

It was once believed that the presence or absence of symptoms determined your child’s health. Now, it’s recognized that this isn’t always the case. Health and quality of life are better defined by their ability to interpret, integrate, and appropriately respond to environmental stimuli and experiences.

Chiropractic care is about empowering your children in fully expressing their greatest gifts connected to their mind, body, and spirit. We do this by treating their nerve system, which is responsible for repair, growth, and the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.

Why is it important for a newborn to get adjusted?

Newborn chiropractic adjustments are gentle, safe and help your baby adapt to their new life. Chiropractic wellness care is about being proactive. The earlier one gets adjusted, the better. Your baby is more likely to fully experience life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There is no denying that the birthing process is a major event that may be challenging physically, chemically, and emotionally for your newborn. Fully integrating the birth process will ensure your newborn has the best start in life. If your baby does not fully integrate the birth process, they may store these experiences in their body as a subluxation, leaving them predisposed to symptoms that may manifest later in life.

Do you adjust pregnant mothers?

Yes, we welcome new and expecting mothers! Dr. Nathan is one of the only Webster Certified chiropractors in the northwest suburbs. He loves working with pregnant mothers, helping their bodies to respond to pregnancy in the best way possible. We even have special pillows and adjustment tables to create a comfortable experience throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe and beneficial for both baby and mother. Getting adjusted can create better birth outcomes, easier, faster labors, optimal positioning, and nerve supply for babies as they grow and develop.

A study by the American Medical Association found that women who received regular chiropractic care during their third trimester carried and delivered more comfortably. Another study concluded that mothers decreased the need for analgesics by half during their delivery with regular chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic care can relieve intrauterine constraints and decrease the average amount of time spent in labor. It can help prevent discomfort like sciatica and round ligament pain for mommies whose bodies are changing too. Pregnancy chiropractic care has also been shown to help mothers get well, stay well, and be their best—before, during, and after pregnancy.