We sometimes hear that people don’t receive regular chiropractic care  because  they believe it is “too expensive.” In reality, the soaring health care costs and rising insurance premiums paint the current healthcare landscape. Today, Americans can spend upwards of $100,000 on prescription drugs EVERY YEAR.

At Innate Life Chiropractic, we have seen how regular chiropractic care may actually save families thousands of dollars in healthcare expenses over the long-term.

TRENDS IN HEALTHCARE AND COST The real cost of chiropractic

The first startling trend is that the amount of money we spend, as Americans, on healthcare AND health insurance(including policy premiums, deductibles, co-pays, etc.) has risen exponentially. As a national average, we now spend nearly $10,000 out of pocket (per person) on healthcare costs.

The more startling trend, is that despite all of the money we spend on our healthcare expenses, as a nation, our health may have gotten much worse. Across the globe, we’re 1st when it comes to spending money on healthcare, but we rank a dismal 37th in overall health status, 39th for infant morality, and 36th in overall for life expectancy.


A 2007 study from Illinois found that people who used a Doctor of Chiropractic as their PCP (Primary Care Provider) had these positive results:

60.2% less in-hospital admissions
59.0% less hospital days
62.0% less outpatient surgeries and procedures
85% less pharmaceutical costs

*Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2007 (May); 30 (4): 263–269

Here at Innate Life, we are honored to care for hundreds of families. Because our patients receive regular chiropractic care from us, they tend to have a greater understanding of healthy lifestyle habits, use far less pharmaceutical drugs and have far less surgeries than some of the families that do not receive chiropractic care.

Our current environment is even more stressful and toxic than ever before, and as a result our nation is sicker than ever, especially our children. Exposure to extreme stressors early in life (such as excessive use of birth interventions, chemical and other toxins in our environment, in our food, our air and our water, etc.) means that we are suffering on a daily basis. When continued, chemical stressors can lead to increased hospital stays and more financial strain.

As Doctors of Chiropractic, we understand that  over time, our nervous system gets worn down, tenses up, and retains this type of stress. Pressure builds up within the spinal column, which is the “house” of the spinal cord.  As a chiropractic, Dr. Nathan locates these patterns of stress/pressure build up that cause our nervous system and body to function less than optimally.

To correct this build up of stress, or what we call “subluxations”,  we make safe, specific adjustments, that are designed to clear the tension patterns, and restore normal tone and function to your nervous system.

A healthy nervous system = healthy brain and body!


America’s healthcare system currently takes a reactive approach to health care, which only increases the cost of recovering our health. Therefore, many of the patients we see in our office have already been through multiple rounds of treatment, medications, and surgery. Usually by this time, it may require a significant amount of chiropractic care to get their nervous system and body back to a state of  optimal health.

We think of ourselves as proactive health-care doctors. The more regularly families get checked for spinal cord stress build up/ “subluxations”, the less frequently they visit their sick-care doctor(s).

We are health experts, not experts in ‘sickness’ and ‘disease’. As such, we encourage families under our care to think of us as the doctor they see routinely to get well and stay well. When there is a concern or issue that is outside our realm of practice, you can count on us to give our best recommendation to another practitioner. We love to help people get the best care possible.


Over and over again, we find that the more our patients visit us, the less need there is for a visit to the sick care doctor. The fewer visits to the sick-care doctor, the less money is spent on expensive, high-risk, sick-care system.

Though most of our patients visit us for routine wellness care, we do encourage our families to visit us first when there are symptoms of anything new, from an infected ear, an allergy flare up, or a sore back. We’d much rather find the health challenge when it is still a minor issue that can be resolved easily, rather than wait until the problem becomes much worse.

At Innate Life Chiropractic, we are proactive in our approach, not reactive!

At Innate Life Chiropractic, we stand for you!

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