When it comes to child development, sensory overload, ADHD, and all the other common pediatric challenges like ear infections, colic, sleeping trouble, and tantrums… there is one factor that plays a significant role… it’s stress. For many children in today’s world, there is a storm of stress factors that agitate behavioral challenges.

The good news is there is a scientific and measurable approach that can quickly determine how stress is impacting your child’s nervous system and what we can do about it. It’s called the Insight Neurological Scanning Technology, and it allows us to easily find & map EXACTLY how much stress and tension is affecting your child, keeping them on edge, tired, and sick way too often. Combining this technology with advanced techniques allows us to help families find real solutions.

This high-tech, scientifically-centered approach allows us to identify what is needed to not only provide short-term relief, but to see significant day to day lifestyle changes… like these reported by our practice members and their family’s:

  • Better Coping with Emotional Stress

  • Improved Sleep

  • Improved Flexibility and Mobility

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Less Headaches and Neck Tension

At Innate Life Chiropractic we employ these scans to help you and your family handle the symptoms and lifestyle challenges of high levels of stress, especially the kiddos!

We want to make it easier than ever before to get help, so we are offering a Complimentary Consult for you and/or your children. We can help you determine if our brain-based approach is right for you and your family.

We specialize in Family & Pediatric care, and our brain-based approach is gentle, safe, and effective for all.

Contact us today to set-up a consultation and start creating a healthier future for you and your family. 

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