Pinched Nerve Pain

Your body is like a computer network, the nervous system is your body’s electrical wiring. Nerves send messages from the brain to other organs, allowing them to function properly and respond to certain stimuli. If something happens to any of these nerves, then the body can feel off. In this case, when a person suffers from a pinched nerve, the rest of their body is affected.

At Innate Life Chiropractic in Omaha, Dr. Nathan will determine the exact location and the cause(s) of the pinched nerve. He will recommend the most appropriate care to help your body heal, as well as preventing future reoccurrences. Removing pressure from pinched nerve pain is the primary goal.

What Causes a Pinched Nerve?

Pinched nerves are actually quite common. When there is a pinched nerve, it is likely due to poor posture, lifting heavy objects or reaching for something awkwardly. Although they are common, pinched nerves can appear suddenly, sometimes without warning.

Another cause for a pinched nerve is suffering from an acute injury. Acute injuries cause inflammation and swelling that can compress a nerve in the affected area. These injuries can even displace parts of the spinal column, compressing several nerves and/or the nerve roots. Even the spinal cord itself can be affected by an acute injury. Experiencing an acute injury includes being in an auto-accident, due to the amount of stress placed on your body. 

There are several reasons, aside from poor posture, lifting heavy items, and acute injuries, that can cause a pinched nerve. Such reasons include:

  • Bulging and/or herniated discs. When the disc protrudes into the spinal cord, it can place pressure on the spine and other surrounding nerves.
  • Bone spurs. These are small and sharp bone outgrowths that result in extra bone deposits to appear in the area.
  • Changes in the spine. Spinal stenosis is one example of when changes to the spine can place extra pressure on a nerve.
  • Inflammation of soft tissue. This is dependent on if there are any repetitive motion injuries and/or long-term postural problems the patient experiences.
  • Lack of movement, or repetitive motion. Staying in the same position for prolonged periods of time can place pressure on a nerve. The same applies for activities that will continue affecting the affected area, such as lifting objects or typing on a computer/ laptop.
  • Weight gain. Whether from pregnancy or obesity, this can aggravate spinal alignment or disc complications, causing or worsening any nerve compression.

Many times pinched nerves have been developing for a long time, however they have been asymptomatic until the body can no longer adapt to all of the demands places on it. Regardless of if the pinched nerve is acute or has been developing for a long time, any pressure limits the brain’s ability to coordinate the functions of the body. This limits our ability to heal, grow, and thrive.

Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

Symptoms of a pinched nerve can vary, depending on the location of that nerve. The most common, and often recognized, signs of a pinched nerve include pain, numbness, reduced muscle strength or control, and even tingling sensations (otherwise known as feeling “pins and needles”). 

Because the nervous system is a vast and complex network, it can take one injury to disrupt the rest of the body. The spinal cord is the largest nerve in the body, connected to other large nerves that branch off and spread out into many smaller networks. When the nerves are functioning properly, so is the body. So, when we place the body under stress, a network of nerves can be affected. If left untreated, this new dysfunction may influence other surrounding or connected nerves. In other words, if your hand feels it is on “pins and needles”, you could have a pinched nerve in your neck.

A pinched cervical nerve (neck) can produce pain and stress in an upper extremity, such as the arms, fingers, and shoulders. If you are experiencing stomach problems or ulcers, there may be a pinched thoracic nerve (middle back). Loss of b

ladder control, loss of bowel control, or symptoms similar to sciatica can result from a pinched lumbar or sacral nerve (low back and buttocks). If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call Innate Life Chiropractic today to seek care.

Help for Pinched Nerves at Innate Life Chiropractic 

At Innate Life Chiropractic in Palatine, our chiropractor will perform an examination, neurospinal scans, and evaluate your posture to determine the root cause of your pinched nerve. After analyzing the findings , Dr. Nathan will develop a care plan to help improve the health of your nerves, spine, nervous system and quality of life expression.

Tonal Chiropractic Adjustments

This approach looks at the overall tone of your nervous system. Is your body stuck in a sympathetic overdrive of “Fight or Flight” or over-exhuasted from a parasympathetic hibernation? Tonal chiropractic allows your body to find the

harmony between these two extremes, while also relieving abnormal tension on the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. This allows your brain and body to be more adaptable and resilient. Digestion and elimination are both normal functions of the body, however can be interfered with when the nervous system is running “fight or flight” all the time. Dr. Nathan uses a combination of MLSNetwork Spinal AnalysisBiogeometric Integration, and MC2 to help your nervous system shift from stress to healing.

Zone Technique

Dr. Nathan will adjust the vertebrae in the affected area to increase your range of motion and take pressure off the spinal nerves. He will focus on the imbalanced zone(s) connected to your challenge and begin care from there.  Any zone imbalance could contribute or cause pinched nerves, including the muscular, elimination, nervous, glandulardigestive, and circulatory zones. 

Lifestyle Advice

With any injury, whether to the back, neck, or extremity, the last thing you want to do is exacerbate. The same idea applies to healing shoulders. Our advice is designed to help you perform everyday tasks and responsibilities safely. This may include suggestions to improve your diet, drinking plenty of water , and exercising. Dr. Nathan will prescribe home stretches and exercises based on your unique needs.

Get Started Healing Your Pinched Nerve

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