When most people think of chiropractic care, they think of neck and back pain relief. Of course, seeing a chiropractor is an excellent way to relieve these pains, but this is only a fraction of what chiropractic care is all about. The Zone Technique is a healing method that uses biomechanical and neurological input to improve the brain’s communication with the six zones of the body.

The brain is responsible for communicating and coordinating the functions of the body. Any bodily disturbance may be attributed to an imbalance of the brain. By bringing the brain and the different zones of the body, true healing can occur. Zone Technique’s healing results are unparalleled.

How Zone Technique Works

The human brain is composed of many centers. There is a center that controls the body’s glands, one responsible for the organs of elimination and another which regulates the central nervous system. The digestive organs, muscular system, and circulatory system are regulated by their own brain centers too.

In total, there are six brain centers that represent the positive pole of the body and related points in the spinal cord that represent the body’s negative pole. Any strain in these centers will cause a reaction along the nerves to the brain, which can cause a block in nerve energy.

The effects of emotional, physical, or chemical stress can disrupt a center’s normal function. Our goal is to determine which of the brain centers are not in harmony with their control systems.

When a brain center is not sending the proper signals to its system, the body and your health suffer. To correct this, we stimulate specific points in the spinal cord. This can be done with a light touch, adjusting instrument, or with the hands, depending on what is most appropriate for your body.

Stimulating the proper points sends healing energy up the spinal cord to the brain centers that need balancing. Then, the balanced brain centers can send out the appropriate signals to the body’s systems, and the body is better able to heal itself.

Your body is replacing millions of cells per day. With the Zone Technique, we help to make sure the new cells are vital and healthy.

Zone Technique Chicago

Dr. Nathan is the only Certified Zone Technique practitioner in Illinois and is honored to bring this powerful healing technique to you.

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