Helping Sensory and Spectrum Disorders with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Nathan is a pediatric-certified chiropractor who specializes in care for children with neuro-developmental and spectrum disorders, including ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder. The biggest goal of care is to help these children turn their quirks and differences into superpowers!

When working with families, we are passionate about providing awareness, answers, and hope to those struggling with these challenges. Gentle adjustments calm their nervous systems to allow their unique amazingness to shine through — whether it is extreme detail to numbers, patterns, and colors or being able to “feel” more strongly than their peers.

We view their sensory and spectrum challenges as a way of expressing themselves, and we love seeing their individual personalities and quality of life begin to blossom as chiropractic care becomes a part of their healthy lifestyle.

The Role of Our Nervous System

Every day, stimuli come at and into our bodies. The body’s central nervous system controls every organ, mental process, and feeling. A major struggle for children with sensory processing disorders is properly perceiving, adapting, functioning, and creating behavior from these stimuli.

When we partner together and unleash the potential stored in your child’s nervous system, we often see:

  • Better focus in school
  • Reduction in medications and interventions
  • Becoming more independent
  • Establishing a healthy weight
  • Greater digestive function
  • Flourishing social skills
  • Happy and thriving kids


Help for Sensory and Spectrum Disorders at Innate Life Chiropractic

Tonal Chiropractic Adjustments

This approach looks at the overall tone of your nervous system. Is your child’s body stuck in a sympathetic overdrive of “fight or flight” or over-exhausted from parasympathetic hibernation? Tonal chiropractic gently allows the body to find harmony between these two extremes while relieving abnormal tension on the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Dr. Nathan uses a combination of MLS, Network Spinal Analysis, Biogeometric Integration, and MC2 to help your nervous system shift from stress to healing.

Zone Technique

Dr. Nathan will adjust the vertebrae in the affected area to increase your range of motion and take pressure off the spinal nerves. He will focus on the imbalanced zone(s) connected to your challenge and begin care from there. The most common zones that will contribute to sensory and neurodevelopmental delays are the glandularnervous, and digestive zones.

Safe and Secure

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association has numerous studies indicating minimal risk (if at all) for the chiropractic care of infants and children. Volumes of research are available regarding the benefit of chiropractic care for children. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association has a number of these studies available.

Getting Started

We have one final thought to ease your worries if you’re a parent to a child with sensory challenges or neurodevelopmental delays. We recognize that going into busy public spaces can sometimes be very tough for your kiddos. We gladly offer special accommodations in these cases and provide a specific sensory-based assessment for your child.

Please let us know how we can best serve you and your family before your first visit. Phone consultations or blocked-off hours for an in-office examination are just a few of the accommodations we are happy to provide to make your child feel more at home.

Take a deep breath, moms and dads; we’ve got you!


More Information

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) refers to a wide range of neurological and developmental conditions, including ADHD, ADD, and sensory processing disorder. Everyone on the autism spectrum has a one-of-a-kind experience. People face challenges with emotion, communication, learning, social skills, and repetitive behaviors.

Spectrum disorders affect people of all ages. Signs of Autism are usually seen by the age of two. Other conditions under the ASD umbrella may become more evident as the child ages or enters school. While there’s no known cure for ASD, chiropractic care is one method that can help people on the spectrum live happier, fuller lives.

The biggest goal of care is to help these children turn their quirks and differences into superpowers! We view their sensory and spectrum challenges as a way of expressing themselves. We love seeing their individual personalities and quality of life blossom as chiropractic care becomes a part of their healthy lifestyle.


Genetics and environmental factors are believed to play a role. Research is being conducted to find a possible link, but the cause of Autism Spectrum Disorders is still unknown. However, these conditions affect the central nervous system and alter how the brain processes sensory information.

Eye-opening Statistics

  • 1 in 6 kids are diagnosed with ADHD
  • 1 in 54 kids are diagnosed with autism
  • 1 in 6 kids are diagnosed with a developmental disorder

Common Symptoms

The presentation of sensory and spectrum disorders significantly varies from person to person. People often experience a unique mix of symptoms. Challenges can also change with age.

Social Behaviors Sensitivities
●      Lack of eye contact or facial expressions

●      Withdrawn behaviors

●      Indifference to caregivers

●      Difficulty adjusting to new situations

●      Difficulty recognizing nonverbal cues

●      Verbal delays

●      Lack of speech

●      Abnormal speech

●      Self-stimulating behaviors (Stimming)

●      Repetitive motions

●      Self-calming behaviors

●      Specific routines or rituals

●      Coordination problems

●      Odd movement patterns

●      Fixates on objects or activities

●      Resisting cuddling, holding, or touch

●      Hypersensitivity

●      Hyposensitivity

●      Food-sensitivity

●      Sensitivity to light, sound, or touch

●      Indifferent to pain or temperature