Proactive Health Care

Very few Americans receive preventative healthcare. Perhaps most don’t realize that it’s cheaper to invest in preventative care than acute care. Or possibly people aren’t aware that its a possibility.  A majority of people wait until their “back goes out” or an injury occurs to see a chiropractor.  At that point it we are trying to recover our health and our function.  However, some choose to invest in preventative healthcare and be proactive. At Innate Life Chiropractic we encourage people to be proactive and cultivate health prior to a crisis. Investing your time in preventative health care can save you money and future suffering.

Preventative Health Care at Innate Life Chiropractic

General Benefits of Preventative Health Care

Every body is different, which means the benefits to vary from person to person when partaking in preventative health care. Seeing a chiropractor as little as twice a month can do your body wonders. Whether your job entails heavy physical activity or you have a desk job, having regular adjustments wildly improves your overall life. Some of the life improvements can be improved digestive health including less heartburn and indigestion. Your immune system can be boosted. And anxiety can be reduced.  Many people get better sleep: deeper and longer sleeping patterns. These benefits take your day-to-day life to happier, healthier levels.

Align You Spine, Align Your Life

You only get one spine, so taking care of it should be of the utmost importance. Your spine has 24 bones. Between the bones is a disc of tissue that acts a shock absorber. Your spine acts as a fuse box for your entire body and can be pulled out of alignment. These distortions are a response to stress, trauma, or injury. Chiropractors detect and clear vertebral subluxations; a state of misalignment and neurological interference. When you are subluxated, your body can’t cope with stress properly, and your have less energy to accomplish your goals.

You may not even realize this is happening to you at first, just like you may not realize a cavity is forming in your teeth. Improving your health with regular adjustments can well help you better move through stress and trauma. Being proactive in your healthcare can help you avoid needing drugs and surgeries. Additionally, those who utilize chiropractic care for wellness report they are healthier overall, have more energy, more joy, and more freedom in their lives.

Health is not a destination but a journey. That’s why we brush our teeth twice a day, take vitamins, and exercise. Incorporating chiropractic care into your life today will cultivate more health and wellness for years to come.

Chiropractic is the largest, drugless healing art in the world.

 Through gentle, specific adjustments, millions have unleashed the healing power of the body.


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