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Children innately and naturally express health and joy…

They grow, heal and change at a rapid rate. In childhood we set the tone for the rest of our lives: physically, chemically and emotionally. Optimal health and wellness in any person, including children, is more than the absence of disease or symptoms. A state of “wholeness” and well-being is expressed when we are functioning, performing, integrating, and responding optimally.

Beginning as early as a stressful birth process, children are exposed to a tremendous amount of stress and experiences during their first few years. The birth process is a big experience on a little body. Even the most natural home birth can create patterns of subluxation in a tiny person.

As children develop they constantly try new things and explore. Sometimes this can be stressful or even traumatic. Learning to crawl, walk, run and even feeling big emotions in tiny bodies, they encounter countless falls and bumps as their body adapts and grows. As these stressful experiences stack up, their little bodies can develop neurological blockages. These blockages limit the expression of their amazing potential.

As children continue to grow the stressors become greater, and much like in adults they can lead to symptoms, sickness, and dis-ease. At Innate Life Chiropractic, we check to make sure there aren’t blockages developing, before symptoms show up.

We gently and specifically check the alignment of children, as early as moments after birth. Using specific techniques designed to enhance and empower children to grow and thrive, we help them set the foundation for an amazing life.

Dr. Nathan is a member of International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and is Webster certified. 

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When a human is born, they’re already filled with an intuitive knowledge of centuries and centuries of people beforehand. A child has wisdom. Their cells have wisdom.

– Bruce Lipton, PhD.

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