How would it be for you to be at peace, have clarity, feel safe, trust yourself, love yourself and feel worthy?

These things can come true for you!

Do you remember when you woke up to the idea that there was more to life than initially appears?

Do you remember when what “they” said, and what “they” taught you did not make sense? When it contradicted itself? When you could sense the “lie”? When it left you empty, confused, unhappy, scared…even angry?

Did you stay quiet, smolder and fester inside with inner denial…or did you fight and rebel, possibly even causing harm to yourself and others? Do you remember the final crises, your personal “wake up call”? Do you remember your “awakening”…when you became passionate about unraveling the mystery… when you started searching, questioning, challenging?

Masters and gurus have taught, through out the centuries, that the answers do not come from outside of us. Rather the answers, connection, and peace we seek can be found inside. Our awakening process is the journey of clearing our internal blockages and uplifting ourselves and others.

The Quickening is a spiritual technology system; developed by Dr. Suzan Rossi during her 40 years of study and helping people across the world. The Quickening, Accelerated Conscious Evolution is here to provide the love, nurturance, attention, diligence, consistency, support, kindness, education, wisdom, discipline, alignment, guidance and protection during and after your Awakening.



A series of classes for individuals committed to their own healing, evolution and enlightenment. You may join us at any time during the year. These Quickening Transmutation Classes are scheduled to heal, clear, and transmute negative, and at times destructive, issues stored at core levels of each participant’s being; found at the ancestral, DNA, cellular, ego, soul and/or chakra levels.

The powerful transmutation of any core concepts, belief systems and thought forms within our inner quantum field, will shift our reality in such a way that the full support of Divine Guidance and the Infinite Incorruptible Source becomes more clearly and powerfully evident. This easing and smoothing of an individual’s reality not only provides a similar stage for that individual’s personal sphere of influence, it also provides quantum transmutation for mass consciousness as a whole.


The first major component of the Quickening Spiritual technology, called The Foundation, provides a safe, gentle, permanent and vital form of Sacred Healing designed for your accelerated multidimensional needs in the modern millennium. It has been given to us not only to provide a transformative foundation for our present life time; it also lays a firm foundation and provides the fundamentals to enhance and ease your evolutionary path for the rest of your human existence.

Human Awakening