For you to perform like a pro, you need the same edge the tour players use. All of the successful pro golfers have a chiropractor on their team. Why? The simple reason is that chiropractic shaves strokes off your handicap and lets you ditch the bottle of Advil in your golf bag, for good.

Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Zach Johnson, Mike Weir, Vijay Singh and David Duvall all use regular chiropractic care to improve their game. It works for them, and it can work for you.

Drive Farther

Research published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine supports what pro golfers already know: regular chiropractic care can indeed improve your golf swing and lead to improved overall performance for your play.

As recently published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, regular chiropractic care can indeed improve your golf swing and improve driving distance off the tee. In this study forty-three golfers were all assigned daily, specific stretches and warm-ups. But half of the golfers also received chiropractic care. The golfers who received the chiropractic care drove the ball further than those who just did the stretching exercises.

Why Chiropractic Helps

Golf is a game of repetitive motions. Your swing requires a unilateral torqueing and twisting of the spine, repeated over a hundred times during a round of golf. This can quickly take a toll on your spine.

With this continued stress, the body will get stuck in patterns trying to adapt. These patterns make it harder to correct poor form and recover between rounds.

To optimize the power and accuracy of your swing requires unrestricted joint motion in the spine and pelvis. It also requires the muscles to be relaxed. When the spine and pelvis are unstable, the muscles become tight and the joints lock down. Moreover, this lowers your brain’s ability to focus and swing with accuracy. And when your body and brain lose connection, focus, and fluidity your swing mechanics will break down.

Get the Chiropractic Advantage

Don’t wait till you have pain or get in bad habits. Adjust your game now, like the pros, before the problem starts. At Innate Life Chiropractic, we treat you like a multi-million dollar athlete heading into the Masters. Using advanced technology, Dr. Nathan will measure the efficiency of your body and create a custom plan for you to play with purpose, not pain.

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