In our bodies we have many systems; circulatory, nervous, muscular, digestive, and so on. Overriding all of these are the belief systems we carry. Our belief systems act as the programs that our body will run and demonstrate for us. So many of us carry the belief system that we can’t be healthy, never will be, and every attempt we make is destined to fail.

It is time for us to rewrite these belief systems and transform our lives. During this 3 hour class, we will work through a process to rewrite our belief systems and reshape our lives. It is possible for you to create a healthier future. During this class you will plant the seeds for an amazing, healthy life.

In this class we will uncover and rewrite the belief systems surrounding:

  • Being healthy & Creating health
  • Making the right decisions to be healthy
  • Trusting your body
  • Feeling betrayed by your body, genetics, etc
  • Being worthy of being healed, healthy, whole, and complete

After the class you may experience:

  • Greater enthusiasm for your life
  • Freedom from the roller coaster of sickness and disease
  • Feeling unattached to how your healing looks
  • Empowerment to make different choices for yourself and your family


The format of the class is a Quickening “call and response” to liberate and transmute our unconscious belief systems into an empowering new paradigm. This class will be on Zoom so you may attend from anywhere in the world. This class will be repeated over the next few months. You may attend one or all of them. I look forward to serving you in this powerful way.


Below are the first four class I will be doing this year. You may click on the date to open the zoom link. Below each date is the zoom link and information. Please do your best to be logged in and ready to go a few minutes before the class begins.

Sunday 9/26 at 4:00 PM

Meeting ID: 882 6357 8823
Passcode: heal


With how vital this class is now,  this class is PAY WHAT YOU CAN.

You are welcome to do so at your next visit to the office  or via Venmo to @NathanGerowitz.

If you have any questions please reach out. Looking forward to seeing you for the class.