Entrepreneurs, Top Performers, and Athletes

Don’t let life slow you down. Elevate your peak performance and keep pace with Innate Life Chiropractic. Our peak performance chiropractic care is tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, athletes, and other top performers.

It is designed to discover the disconnect between your body’s ideal performance and how it’s truly performing. We take a brain-based approach that will set you up to make crystal clear, high-level decisions inside your business or on the field of play.

Entrepreneurs: Unleash Your Potential

It’s crucial to be in the proper state of mind to execute and implement clear decisions, whether you own a small business, run a multi-million-dollar company, or compete at the highest level.

Few people can multitask like you. Your productivity, focus, and clarity are crucial to the expansion of your empire. You want to thrive in business and come home with the energy to enjoy quality time with family. You shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

You may have a lot on your plate right now, but there are even bigger opportunities on the horizon. Our job is to help you focus on your innate ability to heal, grow, and thrive. We aim to help you level up your productivity, focus, and clarity with peak performance chiropractic care.


Has your body become stuck in survival mode?

There is a reason meditation, visualizations, positive thinking, and all the workouts in the world haven’t allowed you to reach your next level. When our body becomes locked in survival mode, we don’t get the benefits from all the popular techniques. Most people get stuck in either overdrive of “Fight or Flight” or become over-exhausted. Then all our resourcefulness becomes fully devoted to surviving. We must shift the state of our brain and body from survival to thriving.

Tonal chiropractic allows your body to find the harmony between these two extremes while relieving abnormal tension on the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.  This method allows your brain and body to be more adaptable and resilient. Dr. Nathan uses customized tonal adjustments to help your nervous system shift from survival to thriving.

Zone Healing

When all the zones of the brain and body are balanced, your body can then use all your energy for productivity. Dr. Nathan will focus on the imbalanced zones and “reset the circuits” of your body. These adjustments may transform how efficiently your body and brain work.


Our peak performance chiropractic care is centered around improving focus, increasing productivity, and promoting recovery.

First, Dr. Nathan will perform an examination, INSiGHT neuro-spinal scans, and evaluate your posture to discover what limits your ability to achieve. After analyzing the findings, he will develop a care plan to help improve your productivity, health of your body, spine, nervous system, and quality of life.

Getting Started on the Road to Greater Productivity

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