Emotional Stress: You are not alone. We can helpARE YOU READY TO TRANSCEND YOUR MENTAL OR EMOTIONAL PAIN?

We all have a story. The story of the traumas, stresses, and challenges in our life. Many of us are still stuck in the story of our past. It is possible to unlock your biology and bring you into present time. As we work together to clear the layers of trauma holding you prisoner, you can write a new ending to your story.

You may begin to experience:

  • A feeling of wholeness as you heal from past traumas or life stressors

  • Quality of life beyond feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and disconnected

  • Rebalancing of your hormones and biochemistry changing your mental outlook

  • More focus and presence in your life

  • Happiness, Clarity, Peace, and Freedom

Extreme Emotions in Children

Our tiny humans have more stressors today than ever before in history. This comes in the combination of physical, chemical, and emotional.  We know that the state of the mother and father have an epigenetic impact on the life of the conceived child. The stress levels of mom and dad can have an impact on the baby before they’re even born. As babies continue to grow they experience big emotions with no context of how to process them. This emotional stress can cause disconnection in our kids. And unlike adults who can tell that “something isn’t quite right”, kids will have emotional outbursts, anger issues, or extreme tantrums. Chiropractic helps our kiddos brains and bodies talk to each other better; finding a new balance, calm, and peacefullness. The most common side effect for our chiro-kids is better sleep!! Sign me up!